Valus Dreadhall

Combat Hardened, Military Leadership, Resourceful Presence - Valus is a key group member to have, with clutch heals and the ability to focus fire specific targets. He just wants to obliterate enemies... and bath in their blood.


Living a double life, Valus is a Vryloka Warlord (1/2 Human, 1/2 Vampire). He passes as a human to everyone else but his comrades. Living off of the Lifeblood pact of his ancestors, he requires fresh blood to sustain his long lifespan.

Wielding a Javelin, he can handle Ranged or Melee combat. With a primary focus on ranged attacks, he’s never afraid to jump into the fray and duke it out with his enemies.

Has unknown informants with encrypted messages, who are constantly in contact.

Broke away from the Vryloka Military to pursue a life of adventure with his new found comrades.


-Shrouded in mystery of an ancient human race who defied the gods to get close to immortality. Half Human/Half “Vampire,” the Vryloka have gained a longer life span because of their vampiric lifeblood consumption methods. The blood-bond needs to be sustained by drinking blood. However, they are not true vampires in the aspect that they drain their victims with fangs. It simply needs to be consumed… often.
-The Red Witch, a mysterious and powerful entity who supposedly granted the Vryloka the ability to live for 300+ years, all the while maintaining their human appearance… just slightly more pale in skin color and.
-Vryloka have secluded themselves from contact with the outside world in a land shrouded in a heavy mist and dense, dark forests. Power hungry, yet secluded in secrecy, they live on.

Valus Dreadhall

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