Brilliant thief or one eyed drunk?


AC 20 FORT 16 REF 19 WILL 19
Harper is a Ranger and a fairly competent one at that. The eyepatch over his left eye nor the cat on his shoulder seem to hinder his aim with a crossbow. He drinks heavily and has a bottle that never seems to empty. The party is unsure if he is a master thief perfectly suited to break a wizard out of jail or a bumbling idiot in way over his head.


We first encountered Harper at the tavern drinking in the corner alone. Stone Cold Steve Austin approached him and noticed Harper pouring over a map. After a few failed attempts to get a conversation started, Harper finally opened up and brought Steve in on a half baked plan to free a prisoner from a jail for the magically insane. Threnody’s interests were perked and was happy to go along with them.

Harper was married twice. I guess that’s important.


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