Acthuri Eradenus

A rebel wizard, on the run and/or often jailed for his radial ideas about magic.


His physical appearance is generally poorly known. As a wanted man spending most of his life on the lam, he changes his looks frequently. Currently, being held in Three-Streams’ magical prison, one assumes he looks a bit bedgraggled but, as Threnody can attest, it will never do to let one’s vanity down.


Acthuri Eradenus, about whom few facts are actually known, caries with him a whiff of danger as well as excitement and promise. Cast out of the magical establishment years ago and branded a dangerous apostate, he travels the land spreading his message of sedition.

His philosophy is simple: magic belongs in the hands of the people. His aim is to break down the academy and democratize magic use. Too long has the power and knowledge been concentrated in (literally) ivory towers. It is time to distribute the power to all. When everyone has become a king, the ancient kings will fall.

Last seen on the bluff overlooking Three Streams, his re-entry to the world was over quickly. In a masterful act of wizardry, he deconstructed his body into floating spheres of pure magical essence, containing equal parts of his knowledge, skill and soul. The spheres were then cast out into the world, their specific destinations unknown.

Acthuri Eradenus

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