Three Rivers/Streams

Two new friends and some unexpected guests

After the loss of SCSA and Alder the party left the prison once more and headed back to town for an uneasy night of rest. The next day Threnody, Markus and Valus all met at the tavern to discuss how to proceed. A beautiful woman overheard the conversation and interrupted. She seemed eager to accompany us to certain doom. She introduced herself as Realta and after a brief negotiation of her share of whatever we may receive at the end of this job we agreed to let her tag along. Shortly after that a mysterious man at the end of the bar raised his head and spoke to us. This man “Thule” told us how his homeland was infested with devils and his queen had been possessed. He also alluded to being over 300 years old. And possibly possessed as well. Having his own motives for taking a visit to the prison, we allowed him to accompany us.

We headed back to the prison and proceeded down the earth door passing the headless body of our fallen comrade and past the forest growth that stood where Alder fell. We then entered a large room with three large wizard statues in the center. As soon as we step foot in the room the wizards began to animate. We began to chant the incantation that was inscribed on a rock we found at the entrance. TAWN CHAA BLACAN NA! Much to our surprise the statues returned to their inert state. We continued on to the final room.

We found two sentries made of mud and a force wall cell. As soon as we entered the sentries animated and a battle was underway. As we fought, there was a rumbling under our feet and the distant sound of explosives. When victory was almost at hand the far wall burst open unleashing a group of evil Duergar!

They had presumably tunneled up from the Underdark in search of loot but stumbled upon us instead. Big mistake. The battle left their heads separated from their bodies and strewn about the room.

Threnody, Markus and Realta got to work dismantling the force wall hoping that Acthuri Eradenus would be on the otherside. As luck would have it we were greeted by an insane Mind Flair Necromancer. After he resurrected the fallen Duergar we stood our ground. After a grueling battle we were victorious and spent some time investigating the cell. Upon inspecting the scrawling on the wall Thule was able to discern that the knowledge he was seeking was in these insane ramblings. Realta gave up most the pages of her spell book so rubbings could be made for further study.

We returned to the main room to find Harper had opened the next door. After a quick rest we headed through the fire door. The temperature increased with every step and at the end of the hall we encountered two Tiefling women sitting at a table together. They noticed us almost immediately but their attention was focused solely on Thule.


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