Three Rivers/Streams

Tonight There's Gonna Be a Jailbreak

Thule was the first to approach the two Tieflings that sat before us. They carried on a conversation in Supernal leaving the rest of the party in the dark and only able to gleam that it was going poorly. Threnody eventually piped in and was met with a very hostile response from one of the them. She did not take kindly to being spoken to in the common tongue of humans. At this point Thule was now kneeling before them, his talks did not go well. Threnody somehow managed to talk his was past them and into the next room where Acthuri presumably was being held. As he went deeper the temperature rose significantly. He was then greeted by rhythmic sounds of pain and torture. A large devil stood at the back of the room “conducting” this orchestra of pain with the help of four other devils. Full of confidence Threnody walks past all of them and straight to a force wall cell in the back of the room. After a brief conversation with the largest of the five devils he manages to convince them he was indeed supposed to be there.

Meanwhile, Realta and Markus were slowly creeping to the other side of the room in a poorly thought out fashion with the hopes of assisting Threnody in anyway they can. After some time passes Markus becomes increasingly worried for his over confident friend. Thule remains kneeling and being taunted by the tiefling. Threnody had figured out that if he can make a small opening in the cell wall he could, theoretically, teleport inside but there was no guarantee that what was on the other side would be the wizard we seek or an insane magical being anxious to tear him to shreds.

Threnody’s gamble paid off and he was greeted by Acthuri by name. Acthuri had created a rut in the stone floor from decades of pacing back and forth. Miraculously the two of them managed to teleport out of the cell and make there way back to the first room. Acthuri quickly went back to pacing and mumbling nonsense to himself. Markus had grown tired of waiting for his friend that may be in imminent danger, he made his way towards the hallway exclaiming “I’m going after my friend and if you don’t like it you can stop me!”. Which the tiefling promptly did. Threnody already in the doorway communicated to Acthuri to wait for him the best he could. Thule rose quickly wielding his weapon and knocking over the table. A frustrating battle ensued as the tieflings repeatedly took control of the party’s members and used them as shields. After dealing a fair amount of damage to them and one another the succubi fell and we lead the former prisoner out. Realta cast a spell of invisbility on Acturi and we headed back to Harper.

Much to our surprise Harper was not alone. He sat at a small table with a little girl drinking tea. There was another man, holding an umbrella , that was undoubtedly the child’s protector. Acturi dispelled the his invisibility and greeted the child. This child had commissioned the release if the wizard and we are told she is the librarian, keeper of all world knowledge. We are made aware of several artifacts of great power. Thought to be myths, they all correspond with different peoples and cultures creation beliefs. These items in the wrong hands could mean the end of everything as we know it.

The Mother Pearl

The Egg of Iron- Faerun

The 12 Stringed Lyre- Kryonia, A land of ice to the north

The 2 Snake Intwined- Rath, an island continent covered in a wild jungle

The Rib of Anton- Hypathia, the southern desert realm

The Librarian then allowed several questions to be asked. Markus asked about his mother, if she is still alive. She is. Threnody questioned her about the Void entities that we continued to come across. All the girl could tell us was that there presence in this world was increasing but she did not know why or how.

Acthuri, the Librarian, and her guardian bid us farewell and exited the cave. Acthuri shed his robe to reveal his bare, shriveled body covered in self inflicted scarification in form of arcane runes. His body dissipated into glowing balls of pure knowledge that flew off in every direction to parts unknown. We were handed an envelope containing our payment for freeing the wizard to become part of the world knowledge. The party, exhausted and in shock, head back towards the tavern for a well deserved drink.


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