Three Rivers/Streams

Split Adventures

Markus & Valus | Threnody & SCSA

Another mellow, quiet morning in Three Streams. Markus Severin and Valus Dreadhall are at Markus’ house brainstorming about how to investigate Isiah Downstream, and bring about his campaign downfall for Mayor of Three Streams. While Threnody Dirgeworn and Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) are still at the Tavern from the previous night of carousing.

As Markus paces back and forth – debating whether to dig up dirt or just assassinate Isiah – Valus sips on his morning tea and decides it’s best to go and gather intelligence before taking any action. So he convinces the flustered Markus to head over to City Hall to question the mayor about Isiah.
Once Markus arrives he goes through the formalities and waits for a few hours to be seen. When he’s finally invited into the Chambers, the current mayor has already checked out and is reclined with his feet on the desk, day-dreaming of his long anticipated vacation destination of white sandy shores and light-blue waters. The Mayor keeps his responses to Markus’ questions short and offers no helpful information regarding Isiah Downstream. So, disappointed, Markus turns and leaves… just as he enters the hallway, the mayor suggests that Markus check out the Hall of Records. With a new lead, Markus eagerly heads down into the basement – only to find a thick layer of dust and cobwebbed bookshelves. As he searches for Downstream in the record books, he comes across some very interesting family birth certificates and no detailed record of the family history: The Downstream’s are long-time locals of Three Streams, and Isiah Downstream is an only child. Son of Charity Downstream but no father listed. So he looks at Charity’s mother, Angela Downstream, no father listed either. And it just so happens that 50 years ago there was the “Great Fire of Three Streams,” so no further records were available on the Downstream’s.

Meanwhile, Valus wanders to the Bottoms (slums) of Three Streams to talk to the local Sanddabs (Dabbers, as they’re called). Valus finds himself in the local doughnut shop, with stale coffee and sugar-burnt doughnuts, conversing among the older Dabbers about the rival candidates for mayor, Isiah Downstream and Antrezius Amster. Nothing worthwhile comes of the conversation, but Valus does learn that Antrezius laid off/fired the older Dabbers from the docks, who don’t care for him much anymore. And that they don’t care for Isiah much either. But they said that Isiah is favored by the younger generation of Dabbers, being promised a better future in Three Streams if he’s elected Mayor. Isiah’s campaign is Pro-Human, and the messages that he’s conveying is that the Monsters and Mixed Races of Three Streams are taking everything from the original humans; from their jobs to their daughters, and promises that if he’s elected mayor – he will ban all Monster Races from Three Streams and give it back to the Humans.

So Valus thanks them for their time and leaves heading towards City Hall. Meeting up with Markus on the steps of City Hall, Valus can already tell that Markus was just as unsuccessful as he was. As Makrus plops down on the stairs in defeat and famished, a cloud of dust billows off of him and Valus stumbles backwards coughing and waving the dust off. Famished Markus hungerly looks up at Valus and asks for anything to eat… Valus hands him a cup of the stale coffee and a sugar-burnt doughnut and amazed – watches Markus inhale the doughnut and pound down the coffee. They decide to keep investigating and try out new leads. Markus tells Valus of the Downstream’s birth certificates and how there’s no farther listed. So Valus attempts to tail Isiah and see if he can catch a glimpse of any older woman in Isiah’s campaign party, in the meantime Markus heads to the Church to speak with Brother _______. With no luck for either of them, they met back up at the Tavern to drown their frustrations in Ale.

Steve is approached by his new friend, Harper, and is requested to aid Harper in breaking into a prison and freeing one of his friends, _____________, who was imprisoned for the absurd idea that anyone can practice magic. He is currently being held in the Jail for the Magically Insane on the East side of town, and when Threnody overhears this, he’s instantly intrigued and nudges SCSA to get him invited to tag along. SCSA negotiated with Harper and convinces him to allow Threnody to accompany them. Harper studied the map with his one good eye again and says that they’ll need to leave ASAP. So the three of them head East, to the outer stream which is parallel to a towering cliff, upon which the prison sits on top of. Scaling the switch-back stair case leading to the top of the cliff, Harper stopped on one of the landings and studied the map again. He motioned for SCSA and Threnody to follow him as he scaled the cliff and shimmied about 30 feet along the wall. Harper busted out a pick ax and began to hack at the cliff wall. As fragments of rock tumbled down, Harper suddenly disappears into an opening and SCSA and Threnody look at each other confused, but soon quickly follow Harper into the cliff wall. Once inside the wall, it opened up to a narrow pathway leading deeper into the cliff. Harper lit a small torch and handed it to Threnody to carry, as Harper resumed studying his map as if to make sure they were going the right way (even though it was a single pathway). Threnody and SCSA looked at each other, rolled their eyes, and shrugged as Harper continued walking down the path until they came to what appeared to be a dead end. However, there were 16 precariously stacked square stones almost hovering above the ground. Which had glowing lines inscribed upon them. Threnody had already noticed that in the center of the dead end wall, was a section of 4×4 empty square slots. So he and SCSA begin to piece those 16 stones together and eventually matched up the pieces. Once they placed the final piece into the 4×4 pattern, the stones flashed and sealed together into one large square and practically teleported over to the section in the wall and a stone door cracked open from behind the mud. As the three of them entered, it turned into a large cold and wet stone room with a stone gargoyle in the center and 4 more stone doors behind it. Threnody walked over to the far left door to inspect it. At the same time, SCSA walked up to the stone gargoyle and got right in its face curiously looking it over while making taunting faces of his own. Harper followed close to Threnody so as to see the map from the dim flame of the torch. And this whole time Threnody could feel a magic suppression spell, while an enormous surge of power continued to fight against this suppression. Threnody reached out and touched the door in front of him to see if it would budge – as he did this, the gargoyle let out a huge breath of bone chilling air into SCSA’s face that sent him backwards a few steps. At this instance, Threnody heard SCSA stumble backwards across the wet stone floor and said, “Damn, well that was predictable…” and they prepared for battle.

Fighting three versus four, they valiantly defeated their enemies. Battered and bruised, they investigated the four doors and discovered that each one, had a different signature about them. One had a warm feeling – the one Threnody touched first – the second door was damp to the touch, the third door had a breeze coming from the cracks, and the fourth door felt like wet clay/mud. But none of the door would budge and there were no visible signs of a key mechanism. So SCSA and Threnody decided to head back into town to gather up their comrades and come back in force to investigate further. They left Harper there, as he was weakened from the battle and remained sitting down… studying his map more intently than ever.


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