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The more things change

After an emotional farewell to Oleander, Alder leaves his sister and makes haste with his companions for Three Streams. A quick jaunt through the woods is interrupted my the appearance of moving foliage. Following the trail the next morning leads the party to an isolated glade. The trail grew cold but the mystery grew. No creature was found, especially disconcerting considering the path it left was over thirty feet tall and six feet wide, but the mystery grew. Threnody reckoned this glade was one where the veil between the Feywild and the Natural World was thin, and crossings could be made. Alas, no portal, nor creature was found and the party settled in to finish off some smoked deer and rabbit.

That afternoon, heading back to Three Streams the party encountered a small group of Kalashtar. They explained that they had been run out of town by members of the The New Three Streams Freedom Conglomerate. A brief run in with the same group went down after entering Three Streams. All of the party left that dust up with a bad taste in their mouth about TNTSFC.

In order to get the taste out of their mouth, the group heads out drinking. Alder saves a Gnome from a beatdown. Markus learns how not to get hangovers. Threnody has a new girlfriend, even if he doesn’t want her. Valrus made a new friend. SCSA made friends with a guy with an eye patch and a map.
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