Three Rivers/Streams

What's Kraken?

Having successfully escaped to The War Eagle under cover of night, the party retire to their quarters to recuperate from doing their civic duty. By morning, when they (save the formerly deceased Valus) return above deck, land is lost to sight and their ship surrounded on all sides by serene blue ocean. Soon the party has made the acquaintances of some of the crew and other passengers. Maddon Crews , Captain of The War Eagle, informs them that the ship is sailing for Rath, where there are scattered settlements along the coast but dense jungle (and more) within. Journeying to Rath is Anders, a botanist looking to make a name for himself by cataloging some of the continent’s exotic fauna. A haunted-looking priest, bearing muted insignia of Kord, wanders among the decks, projecting a desire for isolation. Scrambling among the rigging all the while, humming shanties to himself, is the hafling crewmember, Antil Pondskimmer.
In general, the party finds itself answered curtly or tolerated ambivalently. The group realizes it is best that they simply go about their own business while staying out of the way of the sailing of the ship. Rialta takes to sunning herself, while Threnody does his best to find his sea “legs”. Despite a strong ocean breeze, a faint haze seems to hang around Markus and Thule as the former ponderously casts his fishing line into the sea, again and again. After the bloody events of the previous evening, their first day at sea is a welcome bit of peace, a tranquil interlude.
Of course, as these things tend to go, the tranquility does not last. A sudden shadow falls across the starboard railing, then another across the port. Sky Pirates! After a volley of potshots aimed among those on deck, the boarding party descends and is met quickly by our heroes. The first arrivals are quickly swarmed but as their reinforcements follow, the partymembers find their attentions increasingly divided.
Telling blows are dealt, both given and received, and it seems as though it is only a matter of time before the attack is repelled. But Threnody, posted up amongst the rigging, spots an ominous swell to fore and rapidly approaching. Before his warning can even be voiced, the water slams across the ship, knocking several people to the deck. As everyone regains their footing, tentacles rise from the brine on all sides. Kraken! An unspoken truce is quickly adopted as all attention is turned to the gigantic appendages blindly grasping at the ship and slamming against the deck. Side by side, the pirates and our heroes methodically strike away at the tentacles, doing their best to prevent the kraken from gaining significant purchase on the ship or themselves.
Though the kraken only momentarily manages to signicantly grasp the ship, its movements below make it difficult for those above to stand their ground. Combined with the massive flailing of its limbs, Rialta and Markus are soon knocked unconscious with Val stranded too far away to bring them back from the brink of death. Finally, the pirate captain barks out a salty retort that inspires a collective killing blow. The kraken slumps and sinks deeper, dragging the temporary truce with it.
As the momentary allies turn to face each other once more, Val takes the opening to entice Markus back to the land of the living. However, Rialta remains too distant to hear his words and seems to be slipping away. But with a strange flash of harlequin satin and a jingle of bells, only half noticed by the others across the deck, Rialta’s body begins to convulse violently and her eyes shoot open. Once back on her feet, she rejoins the battle and helps the party to dispatch the last of the pirates.
Our heroes, at the behest of the captain, quickly clear the deck of corpses and the attendant gore. Though somewhat strenuous (and untidy) work, Val seems strangely even more vigorous at its completion. The rest of the party recovers with drams from a cask of rum, seemingly the highest praise they can hope to hear from the captain anytime soon. With assurances of smooth sailing for the remainder of the journey, the group retires once more, hoping it is true.

Tonight There's Gonna Be a Jailbreak

Thule was the first to approach the two Tieflings that sat before us. They carried on a conversation in Supernal leaving the rest of the party in the dark and only able to gleam that it was going poorly. Threnody eventually piped in and was met with a very hostile response from one of the them. She did not take kindly to being spoken to in the common tongue of humans. At this point Thule was now kneeling before them, his talks did not go well. Threnody somehow managed to talk his was past them and into the next room where Acthuri presumably was being held. As he went deeper the temperature rose significantly. He was then greeted by rhythmic sounds of pain and torture. A large devil stood at the back of the room “conducting” this orchestra of pain with the help of four other devils. Full of confidence Threnody walks past all of them and straight to a force wall cell in the back of the room. After a brief conversation with the largest of the five devils he manages to convince them he was indeed supposed to be there.

Meanwhile, Realta and Markus were slowly creeping to the other side of the room in a poorly thought out fashion with the hopes of assisting Threnody in anyway they can. After some time passes Markus becomes increasingly worried for his over confident friend. Thule remains kneeling and being taunted by the tiefling. Threnody had figured out that if he can make a small opening in the cell wall he could, theoretically, teleport inside but there was no guarantee that what was on the other side would be the wizard we seek or an insane magical being anxious to tear him to shreds.

Threnody’s gamble paid off and he was greeted by Acthuri by name. Acthuri had created a rut in the stone floor from decades of pacing back and forth. Miraculously the two of them managed to teleport out of the cell and make there way back to the first room. Acthuri quickly went back to pacing and mumbling nonsense to himself. Markus had grown tired of waiting for his friend that may be in imminent danger, he made his way towards the hallway exclaiming “I’m going after my friend and if you don’t like it you can stop me!”. Which the tiefling promptly did. Threnody already in the doorway communicated to Acthuri to wait for him the best he could. Thule rose quickly wielding his weapon and knocking over the table. A frustrating battle ensued as the tieflings repeatedly took control of the party’s members and used them as shields. After dealing a fair amount of damage to them and one another the succubi fell and we lead the former prisoner out. Realta cast a spell of invisbility on Acturi and we headed back to Harper.

Much to our surprise Harper was not alone. He sat at a small table with a little girl drinking tea. There was another man, holding an umbrella , that was undoubtedly the child’s protector. Acturi dispelled the his invisibility and greeted the child. This child had commissioned the release if the wizard and we are told she is the librarian, keeper of all world knowledge. We are made aware of several artifacts of great power. Thought to be myths, they all correspond with different peoples and cultures creation beliefs. These items in the wrong hands could mean the end of everything as we know it.

The Mother Pearl

The Egg of Iron- Faerun

The 12 Stringed Lyre- Kryonia, A land of ice to the north

The 2 Snake Intwined- Rath, an island continent covered in a wild jungle

The Rib of Anton- Hypathia, the southern desert realm

The Librarian then allowed several questions to be asked. Markus asked about his mother, if she is still alive. She is. Threnody questioned her about the Void entities that we continued to come across. All the girl could tell us was that there presence in this world was increasing but she did not know why or how.

Acthuri, the Librarian, and her guardian bid us farewell and exited the cave. Acthuri shed his robe to reveal his bare, shriveled body covered in self inflicted scarification in form of arcane runes. His body dissipated into glowing balls of pure knowledge that flew off in every direction to parts unknown. We were handed an envelope containing our payment for freeing the wizard to become part of the world knowledge. The party, exhausted and in shock, head back towards the tavern for a well deserved drink.

Two new friends and some unexpected guests

After the loss of SCSA and Alder the party left the prison once more and headed back to town for an uneasy night of rest. The next day Threnody, Markus and Valus all met at the tavern to discuss how to proceed. A beautiful woman overheard the conversation and interrupted. She seemed eager to accompany us to certain doom. She introduced herself as Realta and after a brief negotiation of her share of whatever we may receive at the end of this job we agreed to let her tag along. Shortly after that a mysterious man at the end of the bar raised his head and spoke to us. This man “Thule” told us how his homeland was infested with devils and his queen had been possessed. He also alluded to being over 300 years old. And possibly possessed as well. Having his own motives for taking a visit to the prison, we allowed him to accompany us.

We headed back to the prison and proceeded down the earth door passing the headless body of our fallen comrade and past the forest growth that stood where Alder fell. We then entered a large room with three large wizard statues in the center. As soon as we step foot in the room the wizards began to animate. We began to chant the incantation that was inscribed on a rock we found at the entrance. TAWN CHAA BLACAN NA! Much to our surprise the statues returned to their inert state. We continued on to the final room.

We found two sentries made of mud and a force wall cell. As soon as we entered the sentries animated and a battle was underway. As we fought, there was a rumbling under our feet and the distant sound of explosives. When victory was almost at hand the far wall burst open unleashing a group of evil Duergar!

They had presumably tunneled up from the Underdark in search of loot but stumbled upon us instead. Big mistake. The battle left their heads separated from their bodies and strewn about the room.

Threnody, Markus and Realta got to work dismantling the force wall hoping that Acthuri Eradenus would be on the otherside. As luck would have it we were greeted by an insane Mind Flair Necromancer. After he resurrected the fallen Duergar we stood our ground. After a grueling battle we were victorious and spent some time investigating the cell. Upon inspecting the scrawling on the wall Thule was able to discern that the knowledge he was seeking was in these insane ramblings. Realta gave up most the pages of her spell book so rubbings could be made for further study.

We returned to the main room to find Harper had opened the next door. After a quick rest we headed through the fire door. The temperature increased with every step and at the end of the hall we encountered two Tiefling women sitting at a table together. They noticed us almost immediately but their attention was focused solely on Thule.

Triumph through tragedy

Returning to the tavern, Threnody and Stone Cold rallied the party with tales of spoils as well as the potentially mysterious outcomes of freeing the rogue wizard, Acthuri Eradenus. Never a group to hold back, they rushed headlong back to the magical prison, where Harper had been kind enough to open the earth-themed elemental door. Descending a dank, muddy stairway, the heroes found themselves in a large round room, confronted by what was to be their deadliest foe to date: the fearsome beholder!


The battle was long and grueling. At times it seemed the heroes were close to winning but, with the beast newly bloodied, a fusillade of deadly eye rays all but incapacitated the party. They struggled to regroup but tragedy struck. First, Threnody was overcome by domination and with a coup-de-gras even he did not know he possessed, unleashed a deadly eldritch force, completely vaporizing the head of companion Stone Cold Steve Austin. Not even the greatest of pugilists can survive such a blow, and Stone Cold was lost. Then, shortly after dealing a mighty blow with his crippling Jaws of the Wolf, Alder succumbed. With his last breath, he whispered his sister’s name, “Oleander…” and he was gone.

Beaten and battered, but not defeated, the remaining three battled on. Hanging by a thread, Threnody and Markus were aided by Valus. Given succor by a creature most would consider a taker of life, Markus was able to mount a final deadly assault. With a scream and a shriek of wild abandon, the Beholder was vanquished. Bloody and tired, the three gathered themselves, bid their companions farewell, and continued further into the gloom.

Venturing deeper into the dungeon, Markus, Valus, and Threnody found themselves in a vast, vaulted chamber attended by three wizardly statues. Thinking themselves past all danger, they blithely sauntered forth. However, the statues immediately and predictably began to animate. Coming to as if from a dream of invincibility, the three beat a hasty retreat. Briefly pausing to wonder at the fate of Alder’s remains (a magical forest had begun to sprout) and collecting Stone Cold’s pitiful body, they removed themselves to the antechamber above, where Harper was endeavoring to open another of the sealed elemental passageways.

Split Adventures
Markus & Valus | Threnody & SCSA

Another mellow, quiet morning in Three Streams. Markus Severin and Valus Dreadhall are at Markus’ house brainstorming about how to investigate Isiah Downstream, and bring about his campaign downfall for Mayor of Three Streams. While Threnody Dirgeworn and Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) are still at the Tavern from the previous night of carousing.

As Markus paces back and forth – debating whether to dig up dirt or just assassinate Isiah – Valus sips on his morning tea and decides it’s best to go and gather intelligence before taking any action. So he convinces the flustered Markus to head over to City Hall to question the mayor about Isiah.
Once Markus arrives he goes through the formalities and waits for a few hours to be seen. When he’s finally invited into the Chambers, the current mayor has already checked out and is reclined with his feet on the desk, day-dreaming of his long anticipated vacation destination of white sandy shores and light-blue waters. The Mayor keeps his responses to Markus’ questions short and offers no helpful information regarding Isiah Downstream. So, disappointed, Markus turns and leaves… just as he enters the hallway, the mayor suggests that Markus check out the Hall of Records. With a new lead, Markus eagerly heads down into the basement – only to find a thick layer of dust and cobwebbed bookshelves. As he searches for Downstream in the record books, he comes across some very interesting family birth certificates and no detailed record of the family history: The Downstream’s are long-time locals of Three Streams, and Isiah Downstream is an only child. Son of Charity Downstream but no father listed. So he looks at Charity’s mother, Angela Downstream, no father listed either. And it just so happens that 50 years ago there was the “Great Fire of Three Streams,” so no further records were available on the Downstream’s.

Meanwhile, Valus wanders to the Bottoms (slums) of Three Streams to talk to the local Sanddabs (Dabbers, as they’re called). Valus finds himself in the local doughnut shop, with stale coffee and sugar-burnt doughnuts, conversing among the older Dabbers about the rival candidates for mayor, Isiah Downstream and Antrezius Amster. Nothing worthwhile comes of the conversation, but Valus does learn that Antrezius laid off/fired the older Dabbers from the docks, who don’t care for him much anymore. And that they don’t care for Isiah much either. But they said that Isiah is favored by the younger generation of Dabbers, being promised a better future in Three Streams if he’s elected Mayor. Isiah’s campaign is Pro-Human, and the messages that he’s conveying is that the Monsters and Mixed Races of Three Streams are taking everything from the original humans; from their jobs to their daughters, and promises that if he’s elected mayor – he will ban all Monster Races from Three Streams and give it back to the Humans.

So Valus thanks them for their time and leaves heading towards City Hall. Meeting up with Markus on the steps of City Hall, Valus can already tell that Markus was just as unsuccessful as he was. As Makrus plops down on the stairs in defeat and famished, a cloud of dust billows off of him and Valus stumbles backwards coughing and waving the dust off. Famished Markus hungerly looks up at Valus and asks for anything to eat… Valus hands him a cup of the stale coffee and a sugar-burnt doughnut and amazed – watches Markus inhale the doughnut and pound down the coffee. They decide to keep investigating and try out new leads. Markus tells Valus of the Downstream’s birth certificates and how there’s no farther listed. So Valus attempts to tail Isiah and see if he can catch a glimpse of any older woman in Isiah’s campaign party, in the meantime Markus heads to the Church to speak with Brother _______. With no luck for either of them, they met back up at the Tavern to drown their frustrations in Ale.

Steve is approached by his new friend, Harper, and is requested to aid Harper in breaking into a prison and freeing one of his friends, _____________, who was imprisoned for the absurd idea that anyone can practice magic. He is currently being held in the Jail for the Magically Insane on the East side of town, and when Threnody overhears this, he’s instantly intrigued and nudges SCSA to get him invited to tag along. SCSA negotiated with Harper and convinces him to allow Threnody to accompany them. Harper studied the map with his one good eye again and says that they’ll need to leave ASAP. So the three of them head East, to the outer stream which is parallel to a towering cliff, upon which the prison sits on top of. Scaling the switch-back stair case leading to the top of the cliff, Harper stopped on one of the landings and studied the map again. He motioned for SCSA and Threnody to follow him as he scaled the cliff and shimmied about 30 feet along the wall. Harper busted out a pick ax and began to hack at the cliff wall. As fragments of rock tumbled down, Harper suddenly disappears into an opening and SCSA and Threnody look at each other confused, but soon quickly follow Harper into the cliff wall. Once inside the wall, it opened up to a narrow pathway leading deeper into the cliff. Harper lit a small torch and handed it to Threnody to carry, as Harper resumed studying his map as if to make sure they were going the right way (even though it was a single pathway). Threnody and SCSA looked at each other, rolled their eyes, and shrugged as Harper continued walking down the path until they came to what appeared to be a dead end. However, there were 16 precariously stacked square stones almost hovering above the ground. Which had glowing lines inscribed upon them. Threnody had already noticed that in the center of the dead end wall, was a section of 4×4 empty square slots. So he and SCSA begin to piece those 16 stones together and eventually matched up the pieces. Once they placed the final piece into the 4×4 pattern, the stones flashed and sealed together into one large square and practically teleported over to the section in the wall and a stone door cracked open from behind the mud. As the three of them entered, it turned into a large cold and wet stone room with a stone gargoyle in the center and 4 more stone doors behind it. Threnody walked over to the far left door to inspect it. At the same time, SCSA walked up to the stone gargoyle and got right in its face curiously looking it over while making taunting faces of his own. Harper followed close to Threnody so as to see the map from the dim flame of the torch. And this whole time Threnody could feel a magic suppression spell, while an enormous surge of power continued to fight against this suppression. Threnody reached out and touched the door in front of him to see if it would budge – as he did this, the gargoyle let out a huge breath of bone chilling air into SCSA’s face that sent him backwards a few steps. At this instance, Threnody heard SCSA stumble backwards across the wet stone floor and said, “Damn, well that was predictable…” and they prepared for battle.

Fighting three versus four, they valiantly defeated their enemies. Battered and bruised, they investigated the four doors and discovered that each one, had a different signature about them. One had a warm feeling – the one Threnody touched first – the second door was damp to the touch, the third door had a breeze coming from the cracks, and the fourth door felt like wet clay/mud. But none of the door would budge and there were no visible signs of a key mechanism. So SCSA and Threnody decided to head back into town to gather up their comrades and come back in force to investigate further. They left Harper there, as he was weakened from the battle and remained sitting down… studying his map more intently than ever.

Back to Three Streams
The more things change
After an emotional farewell to Oleander, Alder leaves his sister and makes haste with his companions for Three Streams. A quick jaunt through the woods is interrupted my the appearance of moving foliage. Following the trail the next morning leads the party to an isolated glade. The trail grew cold but the mystery grew. No creature was found, especially disconcerting considering the path it left was over thirty feet tall and six feet wide, but the mystery grew. Threnody reckoned this glade was one where the veil between the Feywild and the Natural World was thin, and crossings could be made. Alas, no portal, nor creature was found and the party settled in to finish off some smoked deer and rabbit.

That afternoon, heading back to Three Streams the party encountered a small group of Kalashtar. They explained that they had been run out of town by members of the The New Three Streams Freedom Conglomerate. A brief run in with the same group went down after entering Three Streams. All of the party left that dust up with a bad taste in their mouth about TNTSFC.

In order to get the taste out of their mouth, the group heads out drinking. Alder saves a Gnome from a beatdown. Markus learns how not to get hangovers. Threnody has a new girlfriend, even if he doesn’t want her. Valrus made a new friend. SCSA made friends with a guy with an eye patch and a map.
Next Sunday, next episode!

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