Markus Severin

Well versed in the arcane arts of metal and magic


A blacksmith by trade, Markus has always had an aptitude for sword magic. Growing up around the clanging of steel and the art of enchantment lead him to train and study to become a swordmage. His practice in the deadly arts have since paid off as they have saved him and his friends on numerous occasions. Being an intelligent man he has studied at the warlock academy and passed with flying colors, specializing in teleportation and wielding the arcane flames. Long black hair sweeps across his face as he tears through his enemies with his master forged bastard sword.


Markus lost his mother long ago and is left with his brother Lyle and his father Thadeus. They have a modest home by the shores in Three Rivers/Streams. They run a small Blacksmith shop called Moradin’s Hammer. Threnody and Markus met some time ago in college and have been good friends ever since even if Threnody’s antics have led them astray more than once.

Markus Severin

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